Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter has to be submitted when a person wants to formally notify his or her employer of the decision to switch jobs or quit from the company. A letter of resignation is drafted in various formats depending on the circumstances. You may be quitting your job in search of other opportunities or might want to start a new business of your own. In any of these cases you should write your resignation letter tactfully.

Many people find this to be the toughest part of resigning from your job. Don’t worry this site will help you format your letter of resignation. But before you start and simply write down your frustration into your resignation letter you might want to consider this – Your Resignation Letter is your last official correspondence with your previous employer. Your letter of resignation will stay with your employer even when you are gone. Never resign on a negative note, click here to know why.  
We have compiled a set of pages to help you in the resignation process.
 The Dos and Don’ts of writing a resignation letter. What to include and what to leave out.
 A standard format of resignation letter. Explains what should be written paragraph wise.
 A sample resignation letter for your reference. Read this an many other samples provided on           
 this site and create your resignation letter.
 A simple and polite resignation letter mentioning personal reasons like family commitments, 
 relocation, marriage etc.
 Company policies require you to provide a formal notice to your organisation before you  
 resign from your job. This is a sample resignation letter with notice period.
 Emails have replaced typed mails. But whom to CC or BCC? There are certain differences you
 should be aware of.

 Email Format for Resignation
 The most useful and widely used resignation email template. Just fill in your details and you
 are done.

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