Resignation Letter Format

As you search for your new job and finaly having got one decide to resign from your current Job one of the formalities you need to complete before you leave is to write your resignation letter. This page willl help you create your resignation letter.

An Ideal Format of Resignation Letter should be brief and contain all relevant information like your name, designation and most importantly, the date your resignation will be effective. Keep it as simple as possible. If you do wish to mention the reason for your resignation, mention it very formally without being negative. Always portray yourself as an optimist even if it’s your last communication with your employer.

Follow the following standard Resignation Letter Format to draft your resignation letter.

Your Contact Details
Designation, Employee ID
Phone Number
Email Address (don’t forget to mention your private ID as you will soon lose access to company mail)


Employer Details
Name (Manager you report / HR manager)

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

First Paragraph
The first paragraph should say that you are resigning (the mood should be regretful) and also mention the date when your resignation will be effective.  If there is any notice period you need to serve, then mention the same and mention when it gets over.

Second Paragraph
This portion is optional but it’s highly recommended you include this. In this section thank your current employer for all the opportunities you were presented with during your stint. Do indicate that it was a good learning experience. Always remember there is no point in fretting about your employer. Leave with a smile.

Concluding Paragraph
Here make sure you provide contact details where your now previous employer can reach you. If you are moving to a new city/country, indicate the same. Provide your personal ID and phone number. Also (this is optional) offer to assist in the transition.

Sincerely Your’s


The above Format of resignation Letter is just to guide you on what to include in your resignation letter. To write a resignation letter that best suits your Sector and Employer learn How to Write Resignation Letter. Also read some sample resignation letters

Also go through the complete Resignation Process just to be sure you have completed all the formalities.