Sample Resignation Letter to Avoid Forced Transfer to New Location

Sometimes you like your job and your company but your organisation doesn’t seem to think the same. Your organisation might ask you to shift to a new location as your team moved there or might try to force your transfer to another team. Moving your job to a new city with your family is bad enough but having to stay away from you family because of your transfer is worse.

Many people would reconsider their decision to continue with the organisation and may want to resign. Sometimes an organisation might actually use this trick to get you to resign. So be careful, resign only if you want to, also keep the option of renegotiating open. One of readers was facing a similar problem and wanted us to help her out with a resignation sample. Following is a resignation letter sample for those resigning to avoid relocation.

<Your Name>
<Contact: Address, Company Designation>


<Manager’s Name>
<Mangers Designation and Contact>

Dear <Manager’s Name>
As per the recent changes in the organisation I was asked to relocate to <the new location>, which is not my preferred location of work. I appreciate the organisation’s trust in me, but it is not possible for me to move to <the new location>. Moving to <the new location> will adversely affect my family and my mental health. Hence I am forced to write this resignation letter to officially notify you of my decision to resign from the post of <your designation> with <company name>.

As per company policy I will serve a notice period of <duration of notice period> starting today <today’s date> , which I shall complete in my current location only. My last working date with your organisation will be <your last working day>. Kindly relieve me of my responsibilities as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition for the organisation.

I wish you and the company success at future endeavours.

Thanking You

<Your Name>
<Designation and Contact>

Your manager and the organisation might to offer to retain you by reversing the transfer or may offer a substantially high increment to tempt you. Be sure you have decided what to do in either of the cases before you hand in your resignation letter.

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