The Funniest and Most Hilarious Resignation Last Day Letter Ever!

Most resignation letters are written extremely formally and almost all Last Day good bye mails are all about thanking the team and saying farewell. You will find a lot of such sample letters here. But this is the funniest most hilarious resignation letter I have ever seen.

This is a true resignation letter written by an employee of an Indian IT major and the letter is so smartly written that it actually lets out all the frustration without hurting anyone.

This is what happens when you resign just after clearing a competitive examination!

Hi All,

After [1] , I have decided to leave XYZCorp in order to [2] . While this was not an easy decision for me, [3] .

I have [4] my time here and will [5] . XYZCorp has been [6] and I will always [7] .

I look forward to [8] and wish you all [9] . You can always catch me [10] .

Until [11] , I bid you all adieu.

a. thoughtful consideration.
b. India won 4 medals at the Olympics

a. pursue a different career.
b. live off the generosity of others (i.e. my dad)
a. I feel it is the right one
b. It wasn’t exactly rocket science either
c. it was easier than hanging around until somebody realized I wasn’t doing anything
a. thoroughly enjoyed
b. cautiously endured
c. already forgotten most of
d. surfed the internet a lot during
e. miraculously survived

a. miss all of you I have come to know
b. never look back
c. remember the little people I troubled a lot
d. miss the project parties

a. a great place to learn from some of the best
b. very punctual with my pay checks
a. value my experience here
b. miss the free coffee and stationary

a. meeting many of you in the future
b. getting out of here alive
a. the best of luck in your future endeavours
b. had gotten me a going away gift
a. on gtalk/gmail
c. loitering on the roads
d. on TV
a. our paths cross again
b. I need a competent team to build me a software

Just go with the first option guys !

Best Wishes!

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