Resignation Letter Format for a Project Manager

Resignation letter format for a Project Manager differs from the resignation letter of any other employee in the fact that a Project Manager will not only have to manage the transition for his boss but also his team members. Many a times in the IT industry or BPO sector, high performing managers too have to seek external opportunities to grow. A manager’s resignation letter will contain information about his last working day, introduce the stand-in manager and set a timeline for completing pending tasks ensure a smooth transition.

If you are as good a manager as you think you are, your company will not just sit on your resignation letter and let you go. Be prepared to sit across the negotiating table and discuss if your organisation is willing to make you a better offer. You can also you your resignation letter as a powerful negotiating tool.

A project manager’s resignation letter should contain all the information like your project’s current status, resources who can step in for you and the plan for managing the transition to the new manager. Use the below resignation letter template to draft your letter of resignation.

<Your Name>
<Contact: Address, Company Designation>

<Senior Manager’s/ Board Member Name>
<Designation and Contact>

Dear < Name>

I have been with <organisation name> for the last <number of years> years and during this period I have been lucky to have worked with really wonderful people on exciting assignments. However, I feel time has now come for me to move on from this organisation and seek opportunities elsewhere.

My current project <project name/ client name> is close to completion and most of our work is running as scheduled. We are in a position to go live in two weeks as planned. I feel the team is matured enough to manage even in my absence, and our team leader <team leader’s name> can take care of the project in my absence.

Let’s have a brief meeting to discuss how I can best help you in the transition and when I can be relieved of my duties.

It was indeed a pleasure working with you and this organisation and I shall always cherish the memories. I wish you and the team success in future endeavors.

Best Wishes !

<Your Name>
<Designation and Contact>

The above sample is only for reference and as a manager you should customise this resignation letter template as per your organisation etiquette and decide the best course for you. You can browse the many resignation letter samples available on this site. 

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