Resignation Letter Sample of IT Professional

This is a sample resignation letter of an IT professional who is leaving the company ,where he started his career as a fresher, after a healthy 4.5 years of service. 

His resignation letter thanks the organisation and his teammates and managers. At last he finishes by providing his future contact details. This is a excellent example of a professional letter.

Hi Everybody, 

By now, many of you might have got to know that today is my last working day in our organization. I would like to take this opportunity to place my thanks to all those people who helped me directly and indirectly to grow as an IT professional during my tenure in here. 

Special thanks to all my teammates in various projects, where in I got to meet extremely highly talented and good hearted people. I have seen lots of UPS and DOWNs during my journey of 4.6 years. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this, it has made these the most memorable and cherished of my professional life.  

WISH YOU ALL A VERY GOOD LUCK!! As they say; World is very small, so let’s hope our paths cross each other at some point of life. Until then, GOOD-BYE and TAKE CARE. 

Signing off. Do stay in touch. Here on I can be reached on and today’s revolution FACEBOOK. 

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The above will hopefully help you to pen your resignation letter. Also do check other resources on how to write a resignation letter available on this site.

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