Grateful Last Day mail, Resignation due to Personal Reasons

Resignation Letter of a mid level executive at a Multinational who resigned for personal reasons and wants to rejoin the organisation after a couple of years. He writes the following last day Thank you letter to his team.

Hi All, 

November 24 2012 will mark an end to my 3.8 year long association with our Organization. I am leaving purely because of personal reasons. Separation is always painful, but sometimes it becomes a necessity. It was not an easy decision to make as I truly enjoy working with all of you here. 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to my managers especially John and Williams for giving me the freedom of work, which motivates me to come back soon. 

Also my friends and colleagues, have always been my motivating factor at work. I have gained a great bond with you and truly will miss you all.  

I appreciate all my fellow team-mates for their support and help provided me with, both in Albemarle & Rio Tinto and want to thank you all for it. 

I am hopeful that our paths will continue to cross and we will continue to share with each other the next experiences of our lives. 

Best wishes to all your future endeavors and stay in touch. You can reach me on my phone and you can mail me on 

Hope to see you all soon. 


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