Sample Thank You email on Last Working day

On your last working day do remember to thank all those who made your time at the organisation memorable. Your manager, team mates and colleagues are vauluable contacts to keep as long as you are in the industry. If you are moving out on personal reasons or for further education your friends in the organisation will be of great help if and when you need them. 

Following is an excellent sample of a last day mail. This sample will guide you on how to write a thank you letter when you resign from your job due to personal reasons.

<Contact: Address, Company Designation>

<Manager's Name>
<Managers Designation>

October 27, 2012 will be my last working day at our organisation. My 9+ year stint here brought me closer to wonderful people and our client personnel, taught me some great lessons along the way, and provided deep insights into how large organizations work and run. I look at this period of my life with pride, happiness and satisfaction. You have contributed to making this happen. Thank you very much. 

 As some of you know, I have taken a professional break to embark on an academic pursuit. I enlist your best wishes and I wish you the same towards achieving your goals in life.


<Designation and Contact>

You resignation letter and last day mail will be your final communication with the organisation. It’s always good to leave on good terms. Use this site extensively to frame your resignation letter and thank you letter. 

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Never resign on a negative note. Your resignation letter says it all.

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