Resignation Letter Format for Software Engineer

Software Engineers turn in their resignation letters and switch jobs very often. Software Engineering jobs are the most sought after jobs in the industry today. The IT industry not only pays well but also offers good growth opportunities. However many a times these great opportunities are present elsewhere, leading to high sector wide attrition rates. IT companies sometimes have a internal portal for employees who want to separate. A resignation letter for Software Engineers should be written after you have expressed your desire to move on through any such official channels.
Your resignation letter should contain all the information like your notice period, last working day and a positive reason to move on. Following is a sample job resignation letter for Software Engineers.
<Your Name>
<Contact: Address, Company Designation>
<Manager’s Name>
<Mangers Designation and Contact>
Dear <Manager’s Name>
I regret to bring to your notice my decision to resign from the post of <Your Designation> with <Organisation Name> effective <your last working day>. I have initiated the resignation procedure through our internal system <mention any reference number or provide link>. Kindly accept my resignation and relieve me of my duties from the project.
I shall provide complete assistance if required during the transition. Please let me know if any knowledge transfer sessions are required to be conducted by me. I am thankful to the entire project team for the support and encouragement during my time with the project.
I wish you and the team success in future endeavours.
<Your Name>
<Designation and Contact>

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The above sample is only for reference and you should go through other resignation letters available on this site before you submit your resignation. Also check out some useful tips on how to write aresignation letter.


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