Sample Job Resignation Letter with notice period

In many organisations especially in the IT industry company policies require you to provide a formal notice to your organisation before you resign from your job. This being part of the formalities to be completed before you resign, it is necessary to provide a notice period in your letter of resignation. Usually the notice period varies from two weeks to even three months. If you wish to leave the company before your notice period expires, you may have to forfeit a salary equivalent of the number of days pending on your notice period. Its extremely important to time your resignation while you prepare a resume format and search for a new job.

Following is a simple resignation letter which mentions the notice period you offer to serve before your resignation comes into effect.

<Your Name>
<Contact: Address, Company Designation>

<Manager’s Name>
<Mangers Designation and Contact>
Dear <Manager’s Name>

I am writing this letter of resignation to formally notify you of my decision to resign from the post of <your designation> with <company name>. I have taken this decision after through deliberation and assessment and I believe it is in my best interest to move on.
As per company policy <provide reference to policy document if you have one> I would be required to serve a notice period of <duration of notice period> starting today <today’s date> and ending with my resignation coming into effect on <your last working day>. Kindly relieve me of my responsibilities as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition for the organisation.
I wish you and the company success at future endeavours.

Thanking You
<Your Name>
<Designation and Contact>
Notice period usually varies with different organisations and job designations. It’s best to check up in advanced with your HR Department or manager about the notice period and plan accordingly.

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  1. structure of the Resignation Letter is awesome. the words you have used in the letter is really excellent, Thanks a lot for sharing. sample letters

    1. @Johnpaul Thanks for sharing your views. I hope this site could provide some useful content to you. We are happy to help if anyone needs a resignation letter drafted for their requirement. Just post your query in the comments section and we would create a resignation letter sample just for you.

      Happy Reading!!

  2. This site is really very helpful for ppl like me who are at a loss for words while writing their resignation letter/email. Thank you so much for sharing and helping ppl like me.

    1. Thanks Mansi !!
      I am really happy to hear that the site helped you. Also do check out other resources on this site.
      Feel free to raise any more queries. We will be happy to help you.

    2. Dear Sir, I am working for a private bank. I want to resign from the job but I have to provide them three months notice.Can u please provide me with a sample resignation letter

    3. I will upload a sample mail for your requirement in a day or two. I request your to post your comment by signing in so that you will be notified when i post

    4. Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. I wanted to know when will the sample mail pertaining to "Resigning from Private Bank - 3 months notice period be uploaded?

  3. Sir, My company hold my salary for a period of 10 to 15 days because of I was on leavefor a period of 9 days for my exam. (I applied leave and approved by my manager), so I want to know that is there any remedy for me to unhold my salary as soon as possible as I am running short with money due to this hold. please advise.

  4. very nice article, Thanks.
    and I want to share an article about resignation for senior software engineer refer to

  5. Hello i am planning to resign my present organization, as i have another job in my hand.But i am not aware whats the notification period of my current work place, as nothing related to it is mentioned in my appointment letter. Can i immediately resign? will there be a problem if i do so or should i pay the organization any penalty for doing so..??



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