Sample Resignation Email Format

Gone are the days when official correspondence was primarily through ordinary mail or when you would have to hand in a typed resignation letter to the management. Nowadays, most often than not, such official correspondence is handled through electronic mail or email.
Get a free easy to copy and edit Email Format for Resignation and modify it keeping in mind some simple tips given below.
So what is it that you need to keep in mind when you tender your resignation email?
A resignation email like a resignation letter must contain certain essential details which must include plus little additional information. The good thing about emails is that they can be sent over to multiple people in your organisation at the same time.
Whom should the email be addressed to?
They email should be addressed to your immediate manager or the unit HRD. The email addresses of your manager, any superior manager who you report to indirectly and of course the HR department at your organisation. The ‘to’ field should include all those you are currently reporting to in the organisation.
Whom to cc?
Your resignation email should be ‘cc’ed to all your ex managers or HR. Also the email addresses of your team leaders or mentors at office should be included in cc. The ids of any of your group heads or heads of certain in house committees may be mentioned here if your absence is going to affect their schedule.
What about Bcc?
This needs to be avoided, well ideally. The email ids in the Bcc column are not displayed on the mail received by other recipients. So use this to your advantage my including your id here. After all you may want to keep a copy of your resignation mail for reference.
Keep these simple email tips in mind while you write your resignation email. Keep your resignation email short and simple and make sure it contains all relevant information your job resignation letter must contain. But be careful with the words you use, don’t let your resignation email come back to haunt you.

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We hope these tips can help you create your email format for resignation. We would love to hear from you. So post your queries or suggestions in the comments section we would surely reply back in time to help you.


  1. Hi , This is total time waster post , no one need your lecture . we need sample not your useless lecture .

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thank for writing. This post is meant for those who want to understand the structure of a resignation letter not just copy from a sample. I urge you to browse through the site for resources more to your liking. There a lot of ready sample resignation letters on the site.

  2. Sidhyesh,
    Thanks for nice informations!! great work.
    However it would be great if you can add some more ready SAMPLE mails, it gives complete picture to
    needy person. Its just a most of them would be looking for sample rather structure....

    1. Dear Shrangar
      Thanks for writing in. This article was aimed at providing a standard guide to writing resignation letters. This site has many ready sample resignation letters. You may want to read some at Sample resignation letter with notice period

      Do let me know how you find that post



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