Never resign on a negative note.Your resignation letter says it all.

No matter how bad your experience with your employer was, don’t mention it as the reason for you resigning from your job. Even if you absolutely hate your job, hate your manager or the company itself; don’t bring these to the table.

There is no point venting your frustration when you are leaving -
there is nothing to gain. Worse would be to mention it in your resignation letter.

A wrongly written resignation letter can ruin years of hard work at office.

Your resignation letter will be placed into your employment file, and most probably right on the top. It’s your last communication with the company and also the last impression you leave. A negative or rude resignation letter can come back to haunt you.  

Even when you are talking about your resignation with co-workers don’t create a bad image of your job profile or the way you were treated there. Never talk ill of your manager, remember if you can switch your job, so can your manager. What if your manager lands up at your new office?

Conversely always try to get the maximum out of your boss or a colleague through recommendations or references. A LinkedIn profile reference from your previous employer works great to boost your image as an efficient employee. Moving on gracefully and on a positive note will only help you keep better relations with the company – who knows a few years down the line you might return as the next CEO.  

Have a look at standard format of resignation letter and resignation letter samples before you resign from your job.
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